Artifact 9 - Class Blog (2009 & 2012)


This is a class blog site that is used by the Computer/Web Applications class. It is used for individual weekly reflections on classwork, school climate, or occasionally national and world events. The students are given a series of questions and then allowed a few minutes to collect their thoughts and write a response. When everyone is done writing, they are to read their classmates' blogs and add appropriate comments. After a post is completed I read all student posts and comment on the content of their posts and ask for clarification if needed.  Additionally the posts are used as a formative assessment for the current project giving me information about student understanding so that I may adjust timelines and/or requirements based on this feedback. This process establishes an online conversation between all members of the class and the teacher. One building goal is to increase the amount of student writing and this provides an avenue for student expression that is not addressed elsewhere in the school curriculum.


Since this entry was written, the class Computer/Web Applications has been replaced by Computer Applications-Advanced, Web Design, and Computer Maintenance and Elementary Networking. The blog site serves the same purpose for all three new classes. It continues to be an online conversation between students and the teacher. It also continues to serve in a formative assessment function.


Standards addressed: 1b, 1c, 1e, 3a, 5c, 5d, 5e