Artifact 10 - NWEA MAP testing maintenance and setup (2009, 2012, & 2015)

Name: NWEA MAP testing maintenance and setup

While there is no physical artifact available without disclosing login and password information, it is well known that the setup and maintenance of the MAP testing environment is within the realm of my position.

Responsibilities include:

  • creating sharepoints on the server and assigning access permissions to those sharepoints,
  • downloading agency data, student data, and tests to our server,
  • installing TestTaker on the computers that will be used for testing,
  • ensuring that appropriate personnel have the necessary information to access TestTaker and the sharepoints from within TestTaker,
  • uploading results for each testing session,
  • adding students as necessary after the student roster files have been uploaded and approved by NWEA, and
  • ensuring that the testing window is closed when all tests have been completed.


2015 addition: With the advent of web-based testing many of these responsiblities have been eliminated. I do, however, still assist with uploading rosters for the elementary, adding additional students individually as required, ensuring technology readiness, monitoring the progress of the testing window, and closing the testing window when all tests have been completed.


Standards addressed: 5f