Artifact 11 - Base Group Activity (2009)

Name: Base Group Activity

Base groups were established by the motivation committee in March, 2008 to improve communication between students and staff. The intent was to place students in small groups with a staff member with whom they felt comfortable discussing a wide range of issues. During the first year, an honest discussion of school rules resulted in changing rules related to cell phones and mp3 players. I have been directly involved in planning several base group activities since the first one. The example shown below started with review of a homework discussion that had taken place in January, 2009 that was a result of faculty concerns about homework completion. Students responded that in some cases homework was unnecessary busy-work but in most cases they simply chose not to complete it because the consequences were not severe enough to matter. The Februrary discussion dealt with risk-taking and what type of environment is needed to feel comfortable taking risks. While no specific conclusion was reached, I believe that in my base group it was an interesting and healthy discussion

Standards addressed: 1f