Artifact 14 - Website Rubric (2012)

Name: Website Rubric


At various times I have taught web design as a separate class or as a single unit in Computer Applications - Advanced, students learn the basic skills that are needed to create a website. In Computer Applications - Advanced students complete a few short guided projects and then they are assigned a larger project to work on individually. The students were given a category and they create a website on a topic that fits the category. Categories have included a state that they want to visit, a controversial topic in the news, and something interesting that they are learning about in another class. The image below shows the top of the rubric that is used to evaluate the final product. They have access to this rubric on Moodle when the project is assigned so that they know what is expected and what needs to be included in their site. Click on the image to download the entire rubric (the link redirect you to the SF Moodle site where you will need to click on Login as Guest).


Standards addressed: 5a, 5b, 5d